NOVODELTA, incorporated in the group NOVOCARGO, founded on May of 1978, by the course the years has progressed continuously, being today, one of the leading company on International Transportation and Integral Logistics Operations.

Actually owns some offices located in the more industrialized zones of our geography, it gives a total coverage to make operations from or towards any geographic point.

The organization hold some offices abroad, and a wide network of exclusive corresponsals, allows to make any kind of operation in agile and reliable conditions.

In order to develop our activities with total guarantees for our clients, our conditions of contracts, are the approved by the Spanish Federation of International Transitaries Senders and Assimilated , having in addition the covers to Civil responsibility of Transitary and the monetary guarantees in face of the Public Administration, to the pertinent aims.

From its establishment NOVODELTA is member of the following professional and international associations.

  • FIATA- International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. Switzerland.
  • IATA- International Air Transport Association. Switzerland..
  • FETEIA- Spanish Federation of International Freight Forwarders and Assimilated. Barcelona.
  • ATEIA- Spanish Association of International Freight Forwarders. Madrid.

The NOVODELTA's staff is integrated by more than 300 professionals of the sector, more of them incorporated from the begin and because of their long experience and continuous recycling they reach a high degree of professionalism that we put to your disposition It represents the greater assets and pride of our organization, being able to consider NOVODELTA as one of the international freight forwarders better structured, organized and internationalized, with 100% of Spanish capital.



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